Sunday, September 8, 2013

NFC North Soaps

Are you ready for some football??  I am!  To celebrate the fall and the first football game (my Vikings vs DH's Lions), I decided to make some NFC North football soaps.  I first made a Lions soap, because my husband is a HUGE Lions fan.

The first soap is nice, but I didn't like two things - first, the blue is really light (see the Lions hat to the left), and second, the fragrance (Beach from WSP) really accelerated on me, so the swirls didn't come out quite as I had pictured.

On my second try, though, I was so happy.  I really love this soap!  It is scented with NG's Green Tweed, and both the colors and design turned out just as I had wanted!!

Look at how well this color matches!  I feel awesome looking at it :)

Next, I moved on to the Green Bay Packers, because I have many Packers fans friends.  It's scented with BB's Coconut Lemongrass FO.

I really love how this mica top turned out - I wish I'd thought of doing it on the Vikings soap instead :/

Here's the finished product - it's a really pretty Packers soap.  (too pretty, my fellow Vikings fans have said...)
And finally, to my pièce de résistance - the Vikings soap!

I used LabColors to make the purple and gold of this soap.  When I first mixed the purple, though, it was this crazy blue color.  I wish I had taken a photo before I put it in the oven, because the blue / purple on the entire top of the soap loaf was really beautiful.  You can see the color on the side of the mold below - it was more of a Lions Blue than a Vikings Purple before I heated it up...

Straight lines are not my specialty, but I really love the effect of the colors and lines - looks like football to me!

This soap makes me feel proud, too!  It's a gorgeous color, and the purple is a nice, deep purple.
But where is the Bears soap, you may ask?  I didn't make one.  Because the Bears still suck :)

Hope you all had a good Sunday, and even though my Vikings didn't win, our household is happy because the Lions did win!