Thursday, October 11, 2012

October Projects

I have more soap downstairs than I know what to do with right now.  Good thing in just 3 short weeks, I'll be getting married on the beach and I can get rid of at least 40 of these bars :)  And by "get rid of", of course I mean, "send these bars to fantastic homes"!

I have been playing around with a couple different projects - take a look at what I've done so far!

 This was an experiment with pumpkin puree and cream and BB's Pumpkin Spice FO.  I knew it'd discolor, so I only added the fragrance to half the soap (the side that turned brown).  I really like how this one smells, and I love how the swirls turned out!
Here is a Gingersnap soap I tried with coconut milk.  It took a good 3 weeks before I could tolerate the smell, though - I think the coconut milk smell is too much for me.  I had also hoped it would turn more brown like the Pumpkin one above, but no such luck.  And unfortunately, I used a slab mold, and these were the biggest bars I've made, and the ones I like the least...  I think after another 3 weeks, I'll love them.
Here's an invigorating soap I made for my guests - it's a blend of anise and peppermint EO.  Will really get you going in the morning!
 I love this one the best.  I am trying out a luxe formula, and this one is made with all kinds of goodies - shea butter and avocado oil, and is scented with NG's Christmas Pine FO - smells really "fir-y" and I love it! 
The pattern turned out so great!  I started out with a funnel pour, but the soap started to thicken too much for the funnel, so I finished with a faux funnel pour.  Love how these colors look and the soap feels great!
 I made some peppermint EO soaps with cream for a friend who loves mint-y soaps.  The top one kind of looks like the soap's wearing a bikini :)
This one is for a friend who cannot tolerate scents or colorants.  She just wanted a relatively plain bar of soap in a fun mold.  I made for her a soap with honey, beeswax, and oatmeal.  It smells great, and I love how it feels.  The mold was only around $6 from BB, which was a bonus!


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