Wednesday, April 17, 2013

66 bars of soap on the table ... 66 bars of soap!

So, I worked pretty hard the other night, used up all the log molds I have, and made a bunch of honey oatmeal soap.  I have a palm- and coconut- free recipe for my sensitive skin friends, and I thought I would mass produce some honey soap.  I made 2 large batches - 33 bars each.

That's a whole lot of soap, you say.  Yes, I know, because I had to carry it all out to the garage to cool down, and then back inside once it was cool...

 Here are the first logs I cut into:
These are my 2-lb log molds.  I love them, but I haven't used them much lately.

I love how creamy this soap looks!
I had a 5-lb loaf, too, but I don't have pics of that one.  Interestingly, the freezer paper was all damp when I unmolded, and I had to peel a bunch of little paper bits off of the soap log.  I've never had that happen before.

Here they are after cutting.  The color will lighten in a few days.  I have them curing in their own room so that they do not pick up the scents of the other soaps, since this is an unscented, uncolored batch.
Unfortunately, these batches were not without their issues.  When I tried to unmold the SH mold, I really struggled getting the edge pieces away from the soap.  I should know by now that there's a reason they're difficult to get pulled off, but I just muscled through, and here's what happened when I twisted off one side...
Yep, soap was not ready to be unmolded.  The edge piece has a chunk of my soap attached now.
I will let these 3 logs just wait a little more.  I will unmold them when they're ready and not before :)



  1. It was quite endeavor,Chrissy! I'm still waiting for the day (hopefully it comes) I make that huge batch,I suppose it's less fun and more technical demanding,than making small ones! Your effort has paid off,it's a beautiful,simple,neat and creamy looking soap.
    Btw,I've been having the same trouble with my butcher paper lately,don't know why!?

  2. Wow, 66 bars of soap!!!
    They all look so creamy, love the swirls on the top!

  3. Your soaps look great, Chrissy! I love the textured tops! I still seem to have the hardest time getting pretty tops.

  4. I still haven't figured out the issue with the freezer paper. It seemed to have totally separated - I wonder if I had too high of a water % in the soap, and it was too liquid? I hope I didn't put it in the mold inside out...

    Thanks, Jenny - the soap was really thick when I poured it. It was a race to get the tops done and then outside so they didn't overheat. At least one log went through complete gel. It didn't overheat, but I was worried about it.


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