Sunday, January 27, 2013

December / Early January Soaps

Wow - I can't believe I'm writing two blog posts today!  Since it's been so long since my last one, I guess there's a lot to catch up on.

First things first - here are pictures of the cut spa-type soaps I made in December.  They both smell so lovely (the purple is an EO blend my friend and I made and the green is a Bath & Body Works Coconut Lime Verbena).  They turned out great, and I can't wait to get them into my shower rotation :)

I really loved how the swirls turned out on the sides of the soap on this one.  However, there is no yellow on the actual bar of soap - I think the lighting is just wonky today with all the snow we're getting...

My parents went to a brewery a while back and bought a bunch of fruit beers (apple, cherry, raspberry, etc) and decided they didn't like them very much.  So, into the soap they go!  I didn't stick blend this one, because I wanted to keep it as smooth as possible.  I used the apple beer they gave me, added some silk, and a little cinnamon EO to round out the scent a little bit.  The apple scent from the apple beer comes through pretty strong still.  However, I think I broke my BB column mold on this one...

I was also inspired by the blogs by Great Cakes Soapworks on rebatching soap and decided to rebatch some scraps I had around as well as my first hot process disaster.  For the soap I made using the oil-heavy lavender hot process, I did not add any extra oil to the shavings, as it was still pretty soft, but I did add a half cup of castor oil to the "other" scraps.  They turned out pretty well - see below:
This rebatch was scented with a China Rain FO, and it's probably one of my favorite scents that I've soaped with so far! Love it. And even my husband loves it, too, which is odd, because I expected him to be more partial to the one below. 
This rebatch was scented with the Green Tweed FO from NG, and I love it, but I scented it a little light.  Would add more FO next time - it seemed to fade among the scents already in the scraps.
I really enjoyed these soaps, and I'm looking forward to making more beer soaps with the other beers my parents gave me.



  1. Nice Chrissy, you've been busy! Love the beer soap, that's great that the beer smell came through! Your rebatches came out great too, I really appreciate Amy sharing that method, it's so easy!

    1. I agree, Cee - I had no idea rebatching would look this nice! In Amy's tutorial, she had some beautiful marble-looking soaps, but I am still happy with how mine turned out.

      And it only looks like I've been busy because I haven't posted a blog since early December... Time sure flies!

  2. Beautiful soaps, Chrissy! I love the swirls, and the rebatches look great, too. I especially like the China Rain rebatch. And beer is so nice in soap!

    1. I really enjoy beer soaps, I'm finding. I made a Guinness beer soap for my wedding guests, and I've gotten a lot of great feedback. It was also made with lard, which I think made it nice and hard, while the beer helped with the lather and bubbles!

      And honestly, that scent I used in the purple rebatch is so lovely. I smell it every time I walk by the curing rack :)

  3. They are gorgeous! I think my favorite has to be the beer soap, the color is just so earthy. =)

    1. Thanks, Anne-Marie - I think I neglected to mention above that I put some Rose Kaolin clay in that beer soap to give it a little orangey-pink color. I really like that one, too! Can't wait to use it!


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