Saturday, March 23, 2013

New Soap Hutch Mold!!

I am so excited (does it seem to anyone else that I start many of my posts with "I am so excited"?) - I got Rich's Soap Hutch soap mold in the mail in the past week or so, and I couldn't wait to use it!!  Rich at Soap Hutch was such a pleasure to work with - we talked on the phone and emailed a number of times to make sure my mold was just right.  He has the capacity to make a custom mold for each order, and he was very interested in making sure he knew exactly what I was looking for.  After a number of conversations, we got the specs settled, and I just had to wait as patiently as possible for it to arrive.

It was definitely worth the wait.  It is such a beauty!  It's configured to make either 2 or 3 10.5-11" long logs, a 9-square divided slab, or smaller logs as I need when working on new soaps.  As he put it, it's a great mold for design and creation (and also good for general production for me based on my current soap volume!)
Here is the slab mold set up - I have pictures from previous posts on the 9-bar divider.  

Here are some photos of the log settings - The slab mold can be divided into 2 3.5"x11" logs.  
With 4" tall walls, there is plenty of room for fancy tops on these logs.

It's a little difficult to see here, but there are dividers that can divide the logs vertically into 2,3,or 4 parts.  You can set the divider at any of the 3 grooves in the end pieces.  I cannot wait to design with this :)

It also has blocks to divide the logs into smaller blocks, so I can play around with  smaller batches to try out FOs, colorants, recipes, etc.  This is going to save me a bunch of time and bucks.

The slab can also be configured to make up to 3 2.5" wide logs:
Here is the configuration for 11" long logs.

You can see here that the logs also come with vertical dividers to divide the soap logs in half, and they also come with blocks to make smaller recipes that are narrower.

In short, I love this mold!  I am so happy to be using it, and expect to see it in many pictures to come!



  1. What a cool mold, Chrissy! I've been hearing a lot lately about Rich's Soap Hutch molds. It's great that it is so versatile. I especially like the dividers that separate the log molds - that will be very handy for mantra swirls!

  2. That's a fantastic mold, Chrissy - super useful in all the ways it cam be divided. I just purchased a mold from Woodfield's and I'm already wanting another from Rich's Soap Hutch. I need a second job!! ~Suzy @ Spoonbridge Soaps

  3. I´m jealous! :D That is the perfect mold. You don´t need another, just that one :)

  4. That is a beauty Chrissy! The SoapHutch mold was definitely a great investment, you'll love it!!!

  5. OMG, Chrissy! This mold is so perfect! The best reason to be excited about! :)
    Thansk for sharing the link, I will have a look too!
    Can't wait to see your new creations now!

  6. I am so happy with this mold and all the possibilities that are in front of me with the many different types of mold shapes and sizes. This was definitely a great Christmas present, and I'm sure I'll be happy with it for years!

    Natalia - on the Soap Hutch website (last I checked), there wasn't too much information on these Uber Molds - you may want to just email or call Rich directly for information. He's super easy to work with.

  7. Thanks for showing the different ways it can be sure is versatile! Can't wait to see your creations from it! :)


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