Monday, March 18, 2013

New weekend soaps

I am working on a post on the new Soap Hutch mold I got recently to talk all about this amazing multi-purpose mold that Rich made for me.  He has been such a pleasure to work with and great at communicating on details of the mold.  I will get into the features of my great Christmas gift in the blog post I'm working on, but for now, just know it's awesome :)

So, since it has a 9-bar divider function, I wanted to utilize it and also play with a chopstick swirl.  One of the nice things about this mold is that it's 4" tall, so each of the 9 divided sections can hold up to 3 bars of soap, or 27 bars total in one mold!  This means that the bars that I swirled had additional layers of depth and design - I really enjoyed seeing how the middle bar of each 3" block turned out.

The blocks all looked so grey from the activated charcoal I used for one of the colors.

Check out how great the swirls inside look:

And the scent is heavenly (Black Raspberry Vanilla).  I did notice, though, that on the tops of some of the blocks, there was this strange yellow-ish color developing in the white portion.  I'm not sure what caused that, since the color didn't make it through the entire block - it was only on the top bit that was exposed to air.  I really struggled getting the soap blocks out of the mold, because the liner on the bottom of the mold was stuck to the plastic bottom of the mold - it took me forever to separate the liner from the mold.  The swirls turned out so beautifully, though, I will definitely use it again!

I also made a hot process lavender soap in my trusty old crock pot.  I have a lot of trouble getting the tops to look smooth with HP, so I poured it into BB's vertical mold to keep all the sides flat and even.  I colored it with alkanet root infused in olive oil (3 heaping teaspoons in 12 oz olive oil).  I was worried about the color, since it was red-looking when I infused the OO over heat, the color turned a pretty purple when I mixed the soap batter, and it became an ugly grey color when it was cooking in the crock pot.  I wish I had thought to take pictures of the colors.  I will make another batch soon and will take pictures to show off the weird color morphing.

The final color ended up pretty great, though - I apparently was having a purple weekend, which was fitting that the Prince station on Pandora was my soaping music :)  I love purple and the Purple One!

I love this color - you can see the change from when it was first cooked (in top left) over a few days curing.  Gorgeous, if I do say so myself!
I need to work on a few more blog posts on the Soap Hutch mold as well as a salt soap I could finally make with the divider mold.  Expect more soon!

Happy Monday - 



  1. You must be loving your new mold Chrissy! This whole time I had that same mold, and it never occurred to me that I could make a stack of 3 bars at a time...what a clever idea! The BRV did the same thing to me too, bright yellow on top of my lovely swirls :( It did fade some, but not completely. Love your purple HP bars too, just gorgeous!

  2. Those swirls are gorgeous, Chrissy! The HP soap looks great, too - I love the color. I've heard so many good things about Rich's Soap Hutch molds. They sound really cool! It must be nice being able to make so many different kinds of soap with one mold.

  3. Wow, great swirls, Chrissy!
    And the alkanet soap is really nice, you got a beautiful purple!

  4. Hi Cee - this mold is so amazing. I made some salt bars finally iwth my divider function (which I may have screwed up - they were a little crumbly when I cut them). It's great for research & design!

    Jenny - thanks so much! I really enjoy Rich's mold - I am really enjoying being able to play around with smaller batches and not waste 2 lbs of soap if it doesn't turn out as I wanted.

    Thanks, Natalia - I am so impressed with how this alkanet turned out. I may try to use a little less next time, since it's a little expensive.

  5. Gorgeous swirls, Chrissy! And so great multi-practic mould! I've never seen alkanet seed (do you get it as powder,or grains?) before, but from what I see around (and here), it's a really great colorant.It's such a nice dark purple, which is, I believe, due to HP.

  6. Love the swirls Chrissy! I hear so many good things about Rich's molds that I may just look into it. It may be a good Bday present to me! :)


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