Saturday, May 18, 2013

Equality Soap!

I am not one to post political stuff on my blog, but I am proud that earlier this week, MN passed a law to legalize marriage equality!

George Takei even posted this pic on his FB page - she is a friend of my hubby.
So, to celebrate, and so that I could practice making layered soap, I decided to make a rainbow equality soap.  I had 2 2-lb loafs, so I figured even if I screwed one up, hopefully the other would still turn out.

I had bought some neons and oil-locking micas from WSP and also have some awesome neons from BB, and mixed my colors for the rainbow:  red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and some white for hearts on the top.

I haven't used the WSP colors yet, and to my dismay, the oil-locking green turned a gross brown when I mixed it in the soap batter, and when it saponified, it turned this weird light maroon color.  Not quite what I was going for, but now I know not to use this for a green going forward :)

Here are some pics of the soap I took on this cloudy day today:

I'm happy with how the hearts turned out - I was really worried with keeping the top layer at a light enough trace to do this.

The layer between the yellow and blue is supposed to be green.  Disappointing.

I broke through the layers on one loaf, so I made it a spoon swirled rainbow :)

It looks kind of tie-dyed with the way the swirl came out.  I kind of like it!
Way to go MN!  Have a great Saturday, everyone!



  1. Love the spoon-swirl loaf! Did the purple turn out as a purple, or did it not come out as well, either? Love the design ideas though!

  2. I can understand how did you feel about this weird green,I happened to have same issues with some FD&C dyes. But, it is still pretty soap, I especially like the swirled one. The rest of colours are great,though!

  3. Both turned out lovely Chrissy...I really like the color combination, even if it wasn't exactly as you planned!

  4. Beautiful, Chrissy! I like both the layered and the swirly rainbow! It's so cool that you know the woman in the photo - I saw it on George Takei's FB Page and had a chuckle. I was happy to hear that Minnesota had legalized marriage equality, too. Way to go, MN!

  5. Super love these fun soaps, the colors are so bright and fun. =)

  6. Thanks for the comments, everyone! Ashley - I was going for a ROY G. BIV color scheme, so I wanted a darker violet, and I'm pleased with the color - it may look dark or off because of the lighting?

    I ended up taking a few of the layered bars that I liked the least to remake into some confetti soap. I'll have a blog post about that coming up - it's nice that even when things don't go as planned, there are always ways to adjust!


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