Wednesday, August 7, 2013

New Soaps (and gratuitous dog pictures)

Wow - time really flies!  I can't believe it's been so long since I've sat down and written a blog post.  I always tell myself I want to be more disciplined about this kind of stuff, and of course once I've made a decision to do something regularly, I no longer want to do it :)

I wanted to showcase my new soaps that I've made in the last month or so, but before I do, here are some spontaneous pictures I got of Hannah & Hobbes earlier today when they were investigating soap I was planning to photograph.  I guess they're not the Lead Soap Sniffer and Lead Soap Investigator for nothing!

Hobbes was laying in the sunbeam, looking so adorable, I had to try to get a picture.

Soon, Hannah came over to investigate why I was paying so much attention to Hobbes.

She had to prove she could do model poses, too :)

My two-headed dog monster

I love it when Hobbes does that head tilt thing.  It's like he's saying "Well, Hannah is how she is, what can I do?"

Now that those photos are out of the way, here are some pictures of soap :)

This one is a Black Raspberry Vanilla swirl - I wanted to try the feather mantra swirl - I am pleased with how it turned out!
I tried out two manly fragrances - Barber Shoppe and Santa's Pipe from WSP.  
Barber Shoppe accelerated trace on me a ton, but I was able to tamp the mold many, many times to get the layers to stick together and eliminate as many air bubbles as possible.  They are really only visible on the sides.  

Kris loves this scent, but my favorite is the Santa's Pipe - it's the first time I worked with a vanilla stabilizer, due to the high vanillin content of this fragrance.  This soap makes me happy that I make (and can keep) as much soap as I want - I am absolutely in love with this fragrance, and I may not share with anyone else :)

It's a perfect cherry tobacco scent - comforting, but not smokey.  I'm definitely reordering this fragrance!

Hope everyone is enjoying their Wednesday!



  1. Beautiful soaps and darling dogs you have! I agree, it's so cute when dogs do that head tilt thing. Never fails to melt my heart. :-)

  2. Gorgeous Chrissy...both the soaps and the dogs! Those are great candid shots you got of Hannah and Hobbes, so cute! I love the soaps too, you did a wonderful job on the mantra swirl. Barber Shop sounds really interesting, I think I would really like that one. You have me curious about the Santa's Pipe f.o., I'm trying to imagine what it would smell like, it sounds intriguing!

  3. Thanks, ladies! Usually my dogs are terrible models. They never want to look at the camera, but yesterday they were very cooperative. I've gotten a lot of good manly feedback on Barber Shoppe, and I like it, but the Santa's Pipe is really phenomenal. Most people I've given the bar to for sniffing purposes don't want to give it back :)

  4. So cute fury soap inspectors :)
    You have made pretty soaps with amazing swirls. I like the feathered mantra swirl. And Santa´s Pipe FO is also my favorite. There is just something with that scent that I can´t explain.

  5. Beautiful Soaps! I love your mantra swirls....can't seem to master them yet myself! I LOVE your little yorkies, I have a little one too, her name is Lily and she is never far from my side.

  6. Beautiful soaps, and cute dogs! I love your mantra swirls. Santa's Pipe sounds like a great scent!

  7. What beautiful soaps, and what cute puppies too!

  8. I love the soaps! The Mantra Swirl came out very nice. I love the doggies too! I used to have a Yorkie, Indy, but sadly passed away two years ago. They are such loving dogs :)

  9. Your mantra soaps turned out gorgeous, Chrissy!
    Your dogs are so sweet!

  10. Thanks, everyone, for your kind words! I am really happy with how the mantra swirl turned out, and I know how I can continue to make it a little better. These dogs are so stubborn, but they are also so loving that it's hard to stay mad at them!

    Roxana - I'm sorry to hear about your loss - dogs are great pets, and they leave such a hole when they're gone!


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