Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Rebatch Soaps (and some beer soaps for good measure)

I've been really enjoying hot processing my soap lately, so I wanted to show off some of my most recent creations:
This is a Cucumber Wasabi Cilantro fragrance that I HP'd - I wanted to get the flecks of color in the bars, kind of like granite.  I'm pleased with how the purple and green really did accent these bars.
This is a Pink Himalayan Salt bar that I rebatched (post to follow) . I love the color that the salt adds to the bar.

It's time to think about beer soaps.  I have really enjoyed making them in the past, including the Guinness soap I made last year, because beer makes the lather nice and fluffy and gives the soap a great toasted caramel fragrance.  I added white kaolin clay to these two beer soaps for a little extra exfoliation.

It's been a week since I made the Oatmeal Stout soap, and the scent has finally calmed down - I had to put it in the garage while it's been curing because the entire house has started to smell like this soap.  I like the scent, but it was incredibly overpowering at first!
The one uses BB's Oatmeal Stout FO, and has some swirls of activated charcoal. 

I do really like the soap now that the scent has faded.
I also made a berry beer-y soap :)  This one has some raspberry beer that my parents gave to me for soaping and a berry vanilla FO.  I added some pink kaolin clay for color, and I'm in love with how this soap smells and looks.
Even though the round soaps can be a pain to make, I really like how they fit in my hand!

Until later!



  1. Very beautiful soaps Chrissy! I also like Guinness in my soaps. The lather is just so perfect. I´m really curious to know how you rebatched your salt soap.

  2. Wonderful soaps Chrissy, you've been busy! I've never tried beer in soaps, but everyone raves about it..and I've heard great things about the Oatmeal Stout FO too. I'm curious also about how you rebatched your salt bars!

  3. I ended up rebatching my salt bars the day after I made them, so they were not rock hard yet, but it seemed to work really well!

    Marika - I would probably make more Guinness soap (the scent from just the Guinness is amazing!), but usually I just pour it in a glass and drink it instead!

    Cee - good luck with beer soaps! I was not patient enough the first few times I made it and scorched the beer with the lye. That stench is horrendous and very off-putting...

  4. Lovely soaps! The Cucumber Wasabi Cilantro one does look like granite, now that you mention it. I haven't made beer soap in the longest time. Looking at yours makes me want to make some! :)


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