Tuesday, February 19, 2013

New Fragrances in the Mail!!

I am super pumped!!  I just ordered my first order of fragrances from Wholesale Supplies Plus and it arrived yesterday, along with some new soap books I bought on Amazon - gotta give my Prime trial a workout!

I ordered the Caribbean Coconut fragrance oil to finally make a beach soap using some sand I saved from the beach where my husband and I were married last November.  I cannot believe how amazing it smells!  The bottle leaked a little bit, so the fragrance oil is stuck on my fingers and I can't stop smelling them...

I also ordered some other great fragrances that smell incredible, including:  Strawberries and Cream (request for strawberry soap from my roommate), Honey Almond EO & FO blend, Black Raspberry Vanilla (phenomenal!!), and Tobacco Caramel Type fragrance oil.  I really cannot wait to start to soap with these and others that I have purchased.  

I am also really looking forward to my Christmas presents from my husband.  He had bought me a multi-bar soap cutter from Bud Haffner's Etsy Shop, which should arrive tomorrow.  He also bought me a custom mold from Rich at Soap Hutch.  I can barely wait for when that arrives too!  Don't worry - I'll blog all about them when they arrive ;)

I don't have any pictures for this blog post, but I'd love to hear input from you all on the fragrances I've purchased, or which ones I should start to soap with!



  1. Wow, how awesome that you're getting a soap cutter and a Hutch mold!! I haven't used those fragrances (well, Black Rasp. Van. but from a different company), but they all sound very nice...especially the Caribbean Coconut! The Tobacco Caramel one sounds it cologne-y? Can't wait to see your soaps! :)

  2. Sounds like a great haul! I can't wait to see your Caribbean Coconut soap with the beach sand. And the Tobacco Caramel FO sounds very intriguing. Sounds like the cutter and mold are going to be awesome, too!

  3. Lucky you Chrissy! I haven't ordered from WSP because I find the shipping pricey to Canada, but there are lots of their fragrances I would love to try :( I can't wait to see your cutter and mold too, so many fun goodies...enjoy them!

  4. Thanks, ladies! Kalla and Jenny - the Tobacco Caramel is really interesting - it's like a dry kind of cigar smell. I like cigars, so for me, it's a good smell. Probably one of my favorites. Cee - I think WSP has free shipping to Canada - I'd check again. They also have a huge sale going on until midnight tonight, so it's a great chance to check out some of their stuff if you're interested.

    And, I got the soap cutter in the mail today, and it is really great! I really struggle with cutting my soap into nice, even bars (even with the mitre box I have), and this is a lifesaver!

    I am really looking forward to creating a wedding beach soap soon :)

  5. Congrats on the new soap cutter!!
    Look forward to seeing you create soap from these new scents.

  6. Hey, you're right about the free shipping to Canada Chrissy...I wonder how long it's been like that?! I've been missing out...thanks so much for the heads up!


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